Jobs after graduation: Job Opportunities: These 7 amazing jobs are available with master degree, salary is also good – amazing jobs with good salary, where a master degree is mandatory


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Top Jobs After Master Degree: After 12th in some fields, jobs are easily available after graduation in some fields, but there are some career options or jobs for which a master’s degree is necessary. Today we are telling you here about 7 such jobs which you need to have a master’s degree in the relevant subject to adopt it as a career.

occupational therapist (Occupational Therapist)
Working with disabled, injured, and sick people, occupational therapists provide opportunities to rebuild their patient’s skills and confidence to continue working as well as transform their homes and workplaces to meet new health requirements. Advice on best practices. Salary may vary depending on city-country, experience and skills. Usually the annual salary is between 37 lakhs and 60 lakhs.

To practice, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy or a related field such as biology, psychology, sociology, or health science. You will then need to complete a master’s degree in occupational therapy approved by a relevant professional body. Your course should include work experience in hospitals or rehabilitation centers.
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Nurse Practitioners (Nurse Practitioners)
There has been an increase in the demand for nurse practitioners abroad including India. Salary varies on the basis of city, experience and skill. Salary varies between 53 lakhs to 84 lakhs annually. To work as a nurse practitioner, you’ll need to start with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then take an MSc degree to learn new skills such as diagnosis and consolation.

Family, Marriage Therapist (Family, Marriage Therapist)
Marriage and family therapists in the US typically earn between $33,700 and $64,000, providing individual and group therapy for couples and families on a range of psychological issues related to their relationships. To become a family, marriage therapist, you will need a master’s degree, license and a few years of experience in counseling or marriage and family therapy.
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statistician (Statistician)
Statisticians often collect, analyze, and interpret data for strategies in areas such as education, the environment, government, or transportation. They usually earn between 36 lakhs to 78 lakhs annually. To work as a statistician, you usually need to have a master’s degree in Mathematics of Theoretical Statistics. Along with this, skills like data modeling, machine learning and Python are also necessary.

Physician Assistant (Physician Assistant)
According to the World Health Organization, the world will need 12.9 million new health professionals by 2035. To meet that demand, admissions for physician assistants are expected to increase by 30% over the next 20 years. On an average, a Physician Assistant earns between 53 lakhs to 86 lakhs. Physician assistants are licensed health professionals who work in clinics, doctor’s offices, or hospitals, performing many of the tasks doctors perform. To work as a physician assistant, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree in physician assistant studies.
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Industrial Organizational Psychologist (Industrial-Organizational Psychologist)
Industrial organizational psychologists apply psychological theory to help improve business efficiency and improve job satisfaction. Working in-house or through an agency, they work with human resource staff to improve workplace satisfaction and productivity. The salary ranges between 29 lakhs and 86 lakhs depending on the experience and the recruiters. To work as an industrial organizational psychologist, you need a master’s degree and in some cases a PhD.

Art Therapist
Art therapists are employed by schools, hospitals, and agencies to help improve the condition of people with mental illness or personal challenges through the creative process and art. Salary varies between 22 lakhs to 43 lakhs depending on the location and experience. This requires a master’s degree in art therapy, psychology, counseling or social work, as well as work experience or internship.


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