Para commando training: Para commando training is like this with parachute, many benefits are available with high salary – para commando salary training and education qualification


  • Indian Army’s Special Forces Para Commandos get high salary
  • In this people are recruited by civil to army rally.
  • Only 2 to 5 percent people can become para commando

Para Commando Job And Salary: You will probably remember the date of September 29, 2016, written in golden letters in the history of the country and the Indian Army, if not, then it would be known that India had conducted a surgical strike on Pakistan on this day. On the same day, the Special Forces Para Commandos of the 4th and 9th Battalions of the Northern Command of the Indian Army entered Pakistan and destroyed all the launch pads there, eliminating dozens of terrorists there. Earlier, these para commandos had completely destroyed all the terrorist camps present there even after entering Myanmar. In such a situation it is important to know who are para commandos and how they are made. How can I join this force?

who are para commandos
Every enemy country trembles in the name of Para Commando. It is a Special Forces unit of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. Every enemy country trembles in the name of Para Commando. It is a Special Forces unit of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. The task of para commandos is to carry out special operations against the enemies of the country, hostage problem, anti-terrorist operations, non-traditional attacks, special reconnaissance operations, internal security abroad, suppress insurgency and search and destroy the enemy. Huh. Like the Para commandos of the Indian Army, the Navy has Marcos and the Air Force has Garud commandos. All these special forces have successfully carried out many major operations not only in the country but also abroad.

para commandohow to be

  • Para commandos are selected in two ways-
  • direct recruitment
  • Indian army

Direct Recruitment
Under this, people are recruited from civil to army rally. Army Rally is conducted at Para (Parachute) Commando Training Center Bangalore, where the selected candidate undergoes rigorous training of Para Commando. Apart from Bangalore, soldiers with excellent performance and physical standards are also sent to Para Training Center for training of Para Commandos.
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Indian Army
The jawan who joins the Indian Army wants to join the Para Regiment, he has to apply as a volunteer. To apply in this, the jawan has to take the recommendation of his commanding officer. The commanding officer of any unit recommends the same jawan for para commando, who is physically and mentally completely healthy.

Only 2 to 5 percent people can become para commando
Applying for Para Commands is as easy as getting selected. Not all soldiers who come from Direct Recruitment and Indian Army become Para Commandos. Only 2 to 5 percent of all applicants who start training for Para Commandos are able to join Para Commando Special Force. Before joining Para Commando Special Force, it is mandatory for any soldier to be a paratrooper, for that first they have to clear the test of paratrooper by taking training of paratrooper. Only after becoming a paratrooper can apply for para commando special force advanced training.

Training Of Para Commando
The selection process for para commandos lasts for three months. During this, the soldiers go through many difficult periods like exhaustion, mental and physical torture etc. Every day the commando’s day begins with a body weight of 60 to 65 kg and a run of 20 kilometres. The training of a para commando continues for three and a half years along with the work. Even after that the commandos are updated from time to time. A para commando is required to make at least 50 jumps from a height of 33 and a half thousand feet. They are trained in Air Force Para Training School, Agra. Training for fighting in water is given at Naval Diving School, Kochi. During training, about 95 percent of the jawans either leave training or get disqualified. Sometimes soldiers even die during training.
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Parachute main weapon of para commando
The most important weapon of these para commandos is their parachute. Training to open the parachute at the right time in the sky is most important. A para commando has two parachutes. The first parachute which weighs 15 kg, while the second reserve parachute which weighs 5 kg. The cost of these parachutes ranges from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. Para commandos have to undergo this type of rigorous training. Para commandos have to master any kind of situation. The most important of these training is to attack the enemy by ambushing from close range.

This is the most dangerous training. The enemy is ambushed and attacked in the middle of a dense forest. For this, training to shoot at the enemy from close range is very important. A commando carrying a weight of 40 to 50 fifty kilograms together with the weight of the parachute and the weapon. When para commandos go to carry out any special operation, a lot of preparation is done for it.

Para Commando Salary
Life of Para Commando Special Force is very tough, they work hard all day and take risk. They follow a very struggling routine as compared to other defense personnel, so they are given special allowance along with the salary of a common army person. SPECIAL FORCE ALLOWANCE is given to Para Commando Special Force which is Rs 25000 per month under 7th Pay Commission and Rs 17300 per month for JCO and other ranks. Apart from this, many other allowances and facilities are also given to them.


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